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What does TBWA stand for?

TBWA Worldwide
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TBTU   Peptide synthesis
TBU   Fuaʻamotu International Airport
TBU   Tape backup unit
TBU   Telephone Balance Unit
TBU   Tirana Business University
TBU   Tokushima Bunri University
TBU   Tomas Bata University
TBU   Vought TBU Sea Wolf a WWII torpedo-bomber
TBVT   The Bobby Van Trust
TBW   The Bridge World
TBWA   TBWA Worldwide
TBX5   gene
TBYG   Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation
TBZ   A computer file
TBZ   A fantastic individual from St. John's
TBZ   Tabriz International Airport
TBZ   Tetrabenazine
TBZ   Thiabendazole
TC   .tc
TC   Air Tanzania
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