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What does TWBA stand for?

TBWA Worldwide
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TWAR   Chlamydophila pneumoniae
TWAT   The Tuat
TWAT   The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa
TWAT   The War Against Terror
TWAT   There Was a Time
TWAT   Traveling wave amplifier tube
TWAT   Twatt
TWAT   Twatt
TWAT   Vietnamese name
TWB   Translators Without Borders
TWBA   TBWA Worldwide
TWBB   There Will Be Blood
TWC   Taylor Woodrow Construction
TWC   Tennessee Wesleyan College
TWC   Texas Workforce Commission
TWC   The Weather Cast
TWC   The Weather Channel
TWC   The Wordsworth Circle
TWC   Three-Way Catalyst
TWC   Time Warner Center in New York
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