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What does SLPS stand for?

Samsung Local Purchasing System

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SLP   Superword Level Parallelism
SLP   Supplemental Liquidity Provider
SLP   System Locked Preinstallation
SLP   The IATA Airport code for Ponciano Arriaga International Airport
SLPA   Sri Lanka Ports Authority
SLPD   Social Democratic and Labour Party
SLPJ   Simon Peyton Jones
SLPO   Captain Nicolas Rojas Airport
SLPP   Sierra Leone People's Party
SLPS   Microsoft Software Licensing
SLPS   Samsung Local Purchasing System
SLPS   St. Louis Public Schools
SLQ   Sleetmute Airport
SLQ   St Leonards Warrior Square railway station
SLQ   St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad
SLQ   State Library of Queensland
SLR   Loudness Rating
SLR   Satellite laser ranging
SLR   Scalable Linear Recording Tape Drive Backup
SLR   Semi-linear resolution
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