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What does DATS stand for?

Digimon Data Squad
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DAT   Digital Audio Tape
DAT   Direct agglutination test
DAT   Direct antiglobulin test
DAT   Dopamine transporter or dopamine active transporter
DAT   Double acting tanker
DAT   Drug action teams
DAT1   Dopamine transporter
DATC   Davis Applied Technology College
DATM   Bordj Mokhtar Airport
DATO   newspaper
DATS   Digimon Data Squad
DATU   Direct Access Test Unit
DAU   Defense Acquisition University
DAUA   Touat-Cheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir Airport
DAUB   Biskra Airport
DAUE   El Golea Airport
DAUG   Noumérat - Moufdi Zakaria Airport
DAUH   Oued Irara - Krim Belkacem Airport
DAUI   In Salah Airport
DAUK   Sidi Mahdi Airport
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